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Convert PST to MBOX Free Download – You Will Never Worry About this Particular Email Migration Task Again!

Convert PST to MBOX Free Download of a tool that has all the necessities one requires for a safe and accurate migration of email data. Try it now!

Convert PST to MBOX

Converting PST to MBOX can take a lot out of your time and efforts. The tools available on net do not make it any easy on the users, if not make it worst. And almost none of them work in Mac OS. You have to go through the Windows based solutions that can be time consuming.

But if you are worrying about how you can get the files converted accurately, here’s your answer:

Convert PST to MBOX with ‘PST Extractor Pro’

PST Extractor Pro” is a Mac based tool from USL Software that features everything that you’ve wanted for converting PST data into MBOX or other formats without putting too much effort, without stressing about the data loss, and without worrying about the time it may require to complete the task.

Built with a sophisticated inner framework, the tool features an equal simple and minimalistic interface up front. A naïve or non-experienced user can simple install it and get started the next minute. The intuitive nature of the UI makes it possible to employ the advanced features of “PST Extractor Pro.”

It is also a perfectly fit solution for advanced users that require a rather large chunk of PST files (and oversized) to convert to MBOX.

Whatever your needs are, “PST Extractor Pro” will fulfill in the most professional manner that’s hard to see in the email migration domain.

Here’s a very small tutorial/walkthrough of how you can convert PST to MBOX in just few clicks:

  1. Download it here, if you haven’t already.
  2. Double the setup file and install it. The instructions are simple and you will install it in less than two minutes. You can follow the rest of the tutorial in the free trial version for the purpose of seeing how it works.
  3. Click on “Add PST” and load the files. Or load the entire folder that contains your PST files in bulk.convert pst to mbox free download
  4. The tool displays the folders inside your selected PST files. You can filter the folders and manually select/remove the ones you want to convert/exclude.convert pst to mbox
  5. Check the output format as “*.mbox, *.vcf, *.ics”.convert pst to mbox free
  6. Set the available options according to your needs:free convert pst to mbox
    • Save read/unread mails in separate folders
    • Merge all contacts per folder into a single VCF file
    • Merge all calendar entries per folder into a single ICS file
    • Split MBOX files over a certain size limit. Set the size manually.
  7. Click “Convert”pst to mbox converter free

When you look at the tutorials of any other PST to MBOX converter, you will realize how easy USL Software has made the entire process.

Download To convert PST to MBOX

And on top of that, it works directly in Mac and has dedicated algorithms to protect the data integrity. It never converts any items partially, and thus keep all your details, metadata, headers, images, attachments, and essentially everything stored within the files in perfect and original structure.

Download it now and get started at

To convert pst to mbox file, try PST Extractor Pro by USL Software.

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