Apple Mail MBOX to PST Converter Tool

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Converter (Safe, Secure, Fast & Accurate)

Want a safe, secure and fast Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion? Get the tool to do so: Mail Extractor Pro

Secure is the word that you look for in an Apple Mail MBOX to PST Converter. In a sea of third-party converters, finding the converter that treats your data as its own is an uphill battle. This article makes the battle easier for you. It introduces you to the safest Apple Mail MBOX to PST converter, USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro.

Get everything done without fail

The things that you look in a safe and reliable third-party Apple Mail MBOX to PST are all present in Mail Extractor Pro. The tool is the master of all trades be it accuracy, speed, security etc. You name it the tool has it.

apple mail mbox to pst converter

Convert everything and anything with ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

Well it’s a third-party “converter”, so it must be good at its main task, conversion. Mail Extractor Pro offers accuracy of data conversion that best in the market.

The tool converts everything and anything that comes it way. The tool works on such powerful technology that it converts every kind of data present in the input file.

The tool leaves nothing behind or unconverted. To ensure that all the data is on-board the tool automates the process of loading up of email database file. The fully automated process leaves no room for error and all the data is loaded on for conversion without any issues.

Once everything is on-board the tool converts everything that comes it way. It doesn’t matter if the data is ASCII encoded textual data or the Unicode Non-English data present in the file. This becomes impressive as many Apple Mail MBOX to PST converters failed at the very step of converting the Unicode data present in the input file as it is a bit difficult to convert and has negative effect on your data.

This gives you a complete and secure Apple Mail MBOX to PST conversion ensuring everything in your file is preserved.

apple mail mbox to pst

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It is quick and easy

Speed of conversion process is a crucial apart of the process. It ensures that you don’t have to spend most of your day sitting in front if a computer screen.  Mail Extractor Pro uses techniques like Bulk Conversion to speed up the conversion process.

Bulk Conversion allows you to select multiple files to convert at a given time. The tool converts all the files without fail with the same conversion accuracy. It just reduces the down time wasted in the Apple Mail to PST conversion process.

All the top end features of this Apple Mail MBOX to PST converters can be accessed with the help of a very intelligently designed interface.

The interface provided by the tool guides you through the entire conversion process. The tool offers informative wizards and dialog boxes at every step to help you out in case you are stuck.

Try it for free

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion

he tool offers you all of this and a lot more in a free to download trial which can be easily upgraded to premium version later. Grab your copy today to convert MBOX to PST.

EMLX to PST Converter

What is EMLX to PST Conversion? Let us find out and get it done

Many of us have come across this question that what is an EMLX to PST converter? Before I answer this question you first need to understand, what is an EMLX file format? And what is a PST file format?

EMLX file format

EMLX file format is an extension for Apple email text. All the text files that are available on Apple Mac operating systems are with this extension. Because Apple operating system is a UNIX based system it only runs with apple system.s

PST file format

When you are dealing with Microsoft Outlook emails the files that you obtain are with the PST file extension. The PST file format extension is only supported by Microsoft Outlook.

Why You Need EMLX to PST Converter?

When a person needs to export the files from Apple email to Microsoft Outlook he needs a file to do so. The Apple emails give out the files in the EMLX format. This format is not supported by Microsoft Outlook. As said earlier Microsoft Outlook supports PST file format. Hence it is required that the EMLX file formats are first converted into PST file format so that the transfer of data can take place.

How to Convert EMLX to PST Format Safely?

There is no way of manually converting the EMLX file format into PST file format. You need a tool which can convert these files from one format to another. Not all tools available in the market are pro in converting Mac Mail into PST format.

Get free trial

When you are looking for an EMLX to PST converter you must look for certain features in particular tool. Following are the features that you must keep your eyes on before you take up a tool to convert your important data.

To download the free trial, click here.

See if the tool can do the work automatically. This means that the tool must ask for least human interference while making the conversion of the files.

Look for a tool that is bug-free. Most of the time when you are trying to convert your files from EMLX format to PST format the tool crashes. This causes the data to damage or corrupt itself. If you are dealing with important files over the email you might lose out on some important information.

If you are a person who has your emails in languages like Chinese, Japanese, or Korean then you must look for the software that offers you double byte conversion. All such languages use double-byte for storing the data. Hence it is important that the software can also convert your double-byte information.

If your emails have a large number of presentation, timestamps, Excel sheets, etc then you need the software that can convert your meta-data into meaningful PST file.

If you have not come across any such tool to offer you all these features then one such tool available in the market is the Mail Extractor Pro. The Mail Extractor Pro is developed by USL software. It has all the features embedded into the system.


Mail Extractor Pro can convert Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox Data, EMLX, MBOX and Apple Mail to Outlook Mac and Windows.

EMLX to PST Conversion

Use the trial version of Mail Extractor Pro to convert your files from EMLX to PST format.

mac mail to pst

Export Mac Mail to PST for Outlook 2019, 2016.. Mac/Win

Export Mac Mail to PST (MS Outlook) – The Ultimate Conversion Experience with ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.

How does it feel when you get more for less? It feels good isn’t it? That’s the case with Mail Extractor Pro.

Email Conversion is the task on your hands that you can’t ignore. But without correct information about how to go about your email conversion, in this case, export Mac Mail to PST, you can lose your way and end up with more problems on your hands.

Making Easier to Export Mac Mail to PST

Mail Extractor Pro is the ultimate solution to your every Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion problem. Yes, third-party converters are the way to go about export Mac Mail to PST and among the long list of converters, Mail Extractor Pro leads the way.

The tool offers everything you can wish for and all under a single package. You can do it all with this single tool. It offers you power, accuracy and precision like no other tool.

export mac mail to pst

Accuracy is the key

Accuracy of any converter tool is a vital factor on which it can be measured. Most converter tools used for exporting Mac Mail to PST, don’t actually offer what they promise.

Mail Extractor Pro is offers everything that it promises you. The tool leads the way when it comes to the conversion accuracy.

Mail Extractor Pro is the only tool that can convert Apple Mail, Postbox and Thunderbird to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook. It Works on Mac and Auto Load entire Mailbox for conversion.

Easiest conversion for 100% accurate results

The tool converts everything present in your input file in a single go. Not even a single bit of data is left behind during the conversion process. This solves the problem that many converter tools lead to.

The data is left unconverted by many converter tools during exporting Mac Mail to PST. This leads to having multiple attempts at converting the same piece of data again and again.

The tool also solves the problem of data being left behind. The tool automates the loading process of the email database file thus, reducing the human intervention and thus, the errors.

exporting mac mail to pst

Save your time and make it all quick

Speed of Mail Extractor Pro makes the Apple Mail Export Mailbox to PST Conversion very effective. The tool implements the policy of bulk conversion to speed up your Mac Mail Export to PST Conversion.

Bulk Conversion allows you to select all the files that you want to convert and then convert them all in a single go.

It doesn’t affect the conversion accuracy or precision but just cuts down on the time wasted in the conversion process.

This quickens up your exporting Mac Mail to PSTprocess without messing with the conversion accuracy or quality.

Download to export Mac Mail to PST

The tool offers a free to download trial that gives you ample amount of time to get familiar with the tool.

mac mail export to pst

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You can easily experience what the tool has to offer without even spending a penny and get the ultimate way to export Mac Mail to PSTexperience. Download your copy today.

Convert Thunderbird to PST Outlook

Convert Thunderbird to PST – Best ever methodology

For a better time whenever you have to convert Thunderbird to PST, purchase the Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software. This tool is a full-fledged converter which lets you convert Thunderbird to PST Outlook with freedom and the knowledge that your files would be safer with it.

Mail Extractor Pro

This tool is valid for both Mac and Windows. It can be used to migrate files from Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail to Outlook, Postbox Mail Database, MBOX to PST format for MS Outlook smoothly. The versions of Outlook it supports are MS Outlook 2019/ 2016/ 2015/ 2011 for Mac and MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and Office 365 for Windows.

Convert Thunderbrid to PST

Convert Thunderbird to PST With Ease

The Mail Extractor Pro is not an ordinary converter for converting Thunderbird to PST Outlook which would not be capable of anything apart from the assigned task. This tool could be used to gain a service which is safe, accurate and free of risks like data corruption and bugs.

Complete conversion of all data files

Mail conversion usually ends not so well for beginners to the process of converting Thunderbird to PST Outlook no matter how many precautions are taken. Using this tool on the other hands means success at the first attempt itself. It comes with the ability to preserve all sorts of data, for effectiveness it auto-loads the entire database.

Bulk conversion for faster access to output

Whether you need to convert Thunderbird to PST Outlook for some emergency or have got a deadline, the mail Extractor Pro has got your back. It lets you convert more files in lesser time by employing the advanced bulk conversion technology. With it you can convert your files in bulk without having got worry about the quality of the output files.

Keeps the hierarchy of folders intact

The folders do not necessarily have to be in a mess once you convert Thunderbird to PST Outlook. Using this tool would avoid that mess. It is predisposed to arrange your files in order of hierarchy and keeping your data intact.

Capable of supporting Unicode content

This tool can be used to convert Thunderbird to PST Outlook files containing Unicode as well. Unicode files, or those containing double-byte characters and non-English languages are quite safe with this tool, with assurance of complete conversion.

Highly user-friendly Graphic User Interface

The Graphic User Interface of this tool is dedicated towards making the process of converting Thunderbird to PST Outlook easy even for beginners. So any kind of user can operate this tool irrespective of their knowledge regarding the process of mail conversion.

Thunderbird to pst

Try free to convert Thunderbird to PST (Win/Mac Outlook)

You can enjoy converting Thunderbird to PST Outlook without paying for it. We welcome you to try out the evaluation copy of this tool. Let us know your experience in your feedback.

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook

With Mail Extractor Pro you can convert Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EMLX & Apple Mail to PST file format for Mac/Windows Outlook.

mac mail into outlook

Clear-Cut Steps on How to Import Mac Mail into Outlook!

How to import Mac Mail into Outlook? Most will answer EMLX or MBOX to PST conversion. But we will not. Though, it works in a way, it is not the most effective approach there is.

The step-by-step guide below is unconventional but leads to a crisp and quick conversion process that tops all other methods. It is recommended not just for the simplicity but also for the precision of converted files. Email migration has a tarnished reputation for messing up details and fidelity of files, and only this conversion utility works with 100% accuracy and safety.

How to import Mac Mail into Outlook

Time needed: 12 minutes.

Follow the steps to import Mac Mail into Outlook:

  1. Download the free Mail Extractor Pro trial setup file (less than 25mb)

  2. Double-click the setup file and follow the installation instructions.

  3. Launch “Mail Extractor Pro”.

  4. Next to ‘Apple Mail,’ click ‘Load’ – > ‘Autoload’ to load the primary ‘Mail’ database. Or, select ‘Open’ to load any backup database.

  5. Check/uncheck folders you want/do not want to convert. Use “Ignore empty folders” option above to exclude all empty folders at once.

  6. Limit the size for output PST file to split them into smaller files. Setting it to ‘zero’ will create one PST file approximately equal to the size of ‘Mail’ database, which his not recommended.

  7. Click ‘Convert,’ choose location to save PST files, and click ‘Save.’ The process will begin instantly.

  8. Wait till it is over. At the confirmation window, click the “Locate Converted PST”. Move the files to your Windows PC.

  9. Here, you can also see the detailed conversion log with all the information regarding the entire process.

  10. Launch Outlook and go to: Open & Export – > Import/Export

  11. Select ‘Import from another program or file’ -> ‘Next’

  12. Browse to the PST files from step 8 and click ‘Open.’ (NOTE: repeat the steps if you have more than one PST file)

  13. Choose the desired outcome for duplicate items.

  14. Choose your mailbox or the folder to import contents from the PST files.

  15. Click ‘Finish.’ You can find all the contents from PST file into your Outlook.

  16. Repeat step 11 to 14 for each additional PST file.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported Mac Mail into Outlook in 16 simple steps.

how to import mac mail into outlook

Get it to import Mac Mail into Outlook

“Mail Extractor Pro” ensures that all contents from ‘Mail’ folder are processed into Outlook PST files. Including Unicode text, MIME headers, graphics, email addresses, links, attachments, nested emails, etc. The adaptive algorithms running at its core delivers speed much quicker than any other tool or method.

There is an instant download link below for the setup file. No sign-up necessary.From home users to IT technicians in a business environment, everyone can use “Mail Extractor Pro.” It works perfectly in every context, offering quick and accurate data conversion results.

Download & read more:

import mac mail into outlook

To import Apple Mail folders into Outlook 2019 or any Outlook version, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.

mac mail to outlook

Export from Mac Mail to Outlook – Leave Behind the Primitive Ways!

Export from Mac Mail to Outlook with all the details and metadata preserved. It is always challenging to migrate email data without losing the details, but with this tool, it is possible and amazingly simple now.

Export from Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 (Mac & Win)

Have your ever moved between places? You would know the trouble of packing things into boxes, taking them to your new places, unpacking all those boxes, updating your addresses, and myriads of other things you need to take care of. Email migration is the same, except it is more complicated.

Let us take Mac Mail to Outlook migration into consideration. Both are email clients but when you switch from one to the other, the migration of data can be quite frightening.

And not just for home users, but also for experienced IT technicians.

Migration across any software or services is just like moving home; there are countless things to consider and the result is always you finding out there are things you left behind or completely lost in transition.

Another metaphor would be translations. When you convert a sentence in one language to another, you will lose its original meaning.

But we are not here to moan or put you off more from exporting Mailboxes from Mac Mail to Outlook than you already are. The solution recommended below is amazingly simple while also getting rid of the errors and challenges the task usually make you face.

In short, the answer lies with “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Export from Mac Mail to Outlook

So, what is it and how does it simplify the job?

It is a software application that can be installed on your Mac directly. The installation is simply: just launch the setup file and follow the instructions. Once done, you can click on ‘Autoload’ option that sets up the Mail data for conversion into PST files. It is because you cannot use Mac Mail files directly into Outlook, but you can convert them into PST, where PST is the native file used in Outlook.

How to export from Mac Mail to Outlook

However, the reason we picked “Mail Extractor Pro” over myriads of other tools available is because it does not require any manual effort and is much faster than other tools. There is no EMLX or MBOX file needed.

How to export from Mac Mail to Outlook

  1. Get it and install on Mac.
  2. Just open it and click on ‘Apple Mail: Load‘ button.
  3. It will show two option.
    • Auto Load – Get your Mail data automatically.
    • Open – if you have back copy of it.
  4. Check other optional settings.
  5. Then click on ‘Convert’.

Coming from USL Software, it brings all the benefits and services the company is known for. You get full tech support 24 x 7 and free lifetime updates. It has various licenses to help you choose the best fit for your needs, and even a trial version.

Mail Extractor Pro” turns an otherwise nefarious process into amazingly simple and quick one. You will never need to look for anything else. It works offline on your computer, scans all the contents from the database, and produces clean and accurate files.

If your objective is to move from Mac Mail to Outlook without wasting any minute longer than needed, you will be more than pleased with this tool. It is built for home and advanced users who hate wasting time and hate losing data even more.

Get it to export from Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 & other versions

The link for the downloadable setup is below. No sign-up required. You can begin using the free version within the next minute and watch the tool in action from up close.

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export from Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

To export from Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 for Windows or Mac Outlook 2019 / 2016/ 2011, get it today for no hassle email conversion.

best apple mail to pst converter

Convert Apple Mail to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook 2019 / Office 365

The saying, “If you have the best then why go for the rest”, fits perfectly on USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro. The topper of the recommendation charts of both casual and professional users is the most complete Apple Mail to PST Converter in the market to safely and quickly convert your Apple Mail to PST.


If this is the first thought that pops into your head when you read the introduction, then don’t worry this article will answer this question for you.

Out of so many converter tools present in the market, Mail Extractor Pro provides you with the most advanced and top of the line features.

Best Apple Mail to PST Converter

The tool converts you Apple Mail to PST with such ease, comfort and security that this tricky process becomes very easy.

This Apple Mail to PST Converter not only allows you to convert your Apple Mail to PST but also other formats like Thunderbird, Postbox etc. to PST. So, the tool is not an Apple Mail to PST Converter it is a multi-converter.

apple mail to pst converter

You don’t have to look for a new tool to convert your files of different formats, this single tool will do it all.

It not just the options but also the accuracy and precision of the tool that makes it stand apart from the crowd. The tool converts everything present in your input file down to the last bit.

The tool believes in leaving nothing behind when converting your Apple Mail to PST. So, you will not feel the problem of data behind left unconverted or behind ever again if you are using Mail Extractor Pro.

The precision power of this Apple Mail to PST Converter is such that the output file produced after converting your Apple Mail to PST is an exact replica of the input file.

Even the folder hierarchy of the input file is maintained by the tool. This helps you a lot when you are trying to debug or navigate through the output file produced.

How to convert Apple Mail to PST

convert apple mail to pst

The tool takes care of your data like it is its own. It implies modern approaches like conversion of Unicode content to make sure that nothing happens to your data when you convert your Apple Mail to PST.

Unicode is the non-English data present in your input file. This is formed up by things like attachments, calendar etc. present in your input file. Many Apple Mail to PST Converters Out there fail to convert this Unicode data due to its encoding scheme.

This result in incomplete conversion process that may have negative repercussions on your input data. But not with Mail Extractor Pro. This Apple Mail to Converter converts the Unicode data present in your files to provide you with a safe and complete conversion process.

apple mail to pst

Get it to convert Apple Mail to PST

The interface provided by the tool makes converting your Apple Mail to PST very easy. It comprises of informative wizards and dialog boxes that guide through the every step of conversion, making it easy, safe and efficient.

Go to the official website of USL Software and download the free trial to see it all yourself.

Simplifying Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird with “Mail Extractor Max”!

Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird using “Mail Extractor Max“, which is the only tool that works with all kinds of data with precision. The data migration including such emailing software like Mail and Thunderbird is seldom straightforward. Unless you have professional tools like “Mail Extractor Max“, it can be pretty complicated and frustrating process.

Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

So how exactly does “Mail Extractor Max” help?

It’s a software that processes data inside OS X Mail database directly or through files like MBOX. It’s recommended that you choose the direct database approach as it is simipler, quicker, and much more accurate. Then the tool implements all that data into the format of your choice, which is Thunderbird in this case.

Importing OS X Mail into Thunderbird

At this point, you might ask why do you need a third-party tool in the first place. If you have not tried importing data manually from OS X Mail to Thunderbird, that question is valid. But if you have, you would know that it could turn into a very nasty and troubling job. The data in email clients in modern day isn’t simple text files. They are often highly intricated and complex, containing a lot of information that can be difficult to process.

OS X Mail into Thunderbird


Best Way to Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max” gets rid of those complications and does the majority heavy processing automatically for you. It also offers features and options that would make the task more fluid and quick for individuals with varying needs. Something that is not possible with generic methods.

import os x mail to thunderbird

For instance, it has filtering options to convert only those specific folders that you want and leave the rest. It also allows moving data from OS X Mail to other formats than Thunderbird. In case you are migrating from OS X Mail into clients like Postbox and Entourage.

importing os x mail to thunderbird

Another major attribute that often gets overlooked by third-party applications is the interface. But “Mail Extractor Max” doesn’t fall into the same trap. Not only is it an advanced and accurate data importing tool, it is also immensely easy and helpful for non-experienced users who don’t know much about the technical aspects of the process. You can pick it up right now and get started without a second though and still would know how to use it.

os x mail to thunderbird

From the get go, the application works seamlessly with every other forms of data inside OS X Mail and any beginner can intuitively understand what features to apply and when.

os x mail to thunderbird converter

Get it to Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

And lastly, the fact that it is built by USL Software adds a whole new dimension to “Mail Extractor Max“. Many tools are built by amateurs and thus often have many missing components that gets in the way of smooth and professional data recovery.

os x mail into thunderbird converter

USL Software ensures that everyone gets the job done as they want it to. To do that, USL Software offers 24 x 7 tech support, free lifetime updates, free trial version, and various affordable packages for different needs.

Considering all that, importing OS X Mail into Thunderbird can rather be a simple and doable task if you choose “Mail Extractor Max“. You don’t have to suffer through you email migration task like many usually do with generic or manual techniques.

os x mail to thunderbird conversion

Super Easy to Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

get free trial to import os x mail into thunderbird

Pick up your own trial copy of “Mail Extractor Max” below and use it to feel confident that it does what you expect it to do, before getting the full paid version.

best ost to pst conversion

OST to PST Conversion for Enterprises

Enterprises have a lot of problems to deal with OST to PST conversion. Therefore, it always helps to be proactive and devise solution for any problem beforehand.

This article will tell you about the problems associated with the email client most Enterprises use- MS Outlook. Also, this article will inform you how OST to PST Conversion is the only solution for all those problems, and how to execute this task easily.

OST to PST Conversion– the only salvation

MS Outlook comes with great benefits for Enterprises. It allows for greater flexibility in the mailing system, more coverage both internally and outside, and for a richer conversion experience. Its OST file stores mail content offline, and PST works with Outlook online, thus covering both offline and online environments.

However, it is through MS Exchange server that OST files are synced with PST and imported in Outlook. We have no other credible way to import OST to Outlook. Thus, when there is no exchange server with which to sync OST to PST, we have to convert it ourselves.

An Enterprise’s main two priorities are – Safety of database and speedy workflow. Both are at danger when Exchange server is unavailable. Thus, it is always safe to get a tool for your Enterprise beforehand to deal with this process. The only solution for anyone at this point is to convert OST to PST. Even if there is any other problem, and you are unable to import your OST in Outlook, you need to just convert your OST files to PST format.

This can be done through many ways, but the most credible and safe way is to convert OST files through a reliable tool. A reliable tool which can not only convert your OST files to PST with ease and speed but also guarantees the safety of your database. Tools which can recover OST files lost before, and extract OST files from all sources. A tool which achieves all this and much more is OST Extractor Pro by USL software.

ost to pst conversion


OST Extractor Pro is a premium tool which can extract your OST files with utter ease. It can extract OST file from all sources and convert them to PST format, or any other format customers desire. The tool has a simple easy to use graphical user interface which allows it not to burden the user with anything at all. For Enterprises, this is a huge benefit as it will not have to train its employees in using the tool. No time will be wasted in that.

ost to pst conversion tool

The tool is suitable for converting huge database like that of big enterprises in no time at all. OST Extractor Pro employs batch strategy for that purpose. It can convert up to 10 GB of data in less than 10 minutes without posing any threat to the quality of the execution. The tool allows for selective conversions too.

OST Extractor Pro is truly a professional tool as it can convert any type of content be it Meta data content like ASCII code or big mails with heavy attachment. It also preserves folder hierarchy.

OST Extractor Pro Enterprises license costs only $599. With such reliability, speed and efficiency, this tool will be a great addition to your Enterprise. OST to PST Conversion will never be a problem for your Enterprise again. Get OST Extractor Pro right now!

recover ost files

Cannot Track Your OST files?

OST files are both a delight and a pain. It is the mailbox to access content offline. This is very helpful that you can access the data anytime, and can circulate easily.

Recover & Extract OST files

However, the problem associated with the format is that it is very fragile. One mistake in handling these files can go a long way in damaging your OST database. These files get damage, loss or corrupt very easily. At times like these, it is very hard to recover or extract them.

No viable solution has been provided by Microsoft. Customers are left hopeless and astray. This gap has been filled by third-party tools. They offer various exciting offers and super easy solutions. But one must be aware that the process is not so easy and these tools cannot be trusted.

One tool that you can rely upon based on many customers’ true testimonials and its parent company reputation is OST Extractor Pro by USL Software.

ost files


OST Extractor Pro is an amazing tool which can extract your OST files from unimaginable sources. IT is a comprehensive and real professional tool. As its name suggests it is a real professional in its job of OST extraction. It does complete justice to its name.

We know all this because OST Extractor Pro as a free trial version which you can use to explore the way the tool works. It can be used extensively to verify all the claims the company makes. Still not getting that push to download the free trial version of OST Extractor Pro?

extract ost files

Well, here are some more incentives for you to try the tool:-

Easy Graphical User interface

The tool will make it extremely easy for you to extract OST files with the help of its Graphical user interface. The interface is user friendly and highly interactive. It makes OST extraction and conversion a step-by-step process with success in the end.

Extraction from all sources

Your OST files lost and you cannot track them. Searching them from folder to folder might make your life miserable. What will help instead is downloading OST Extractor Pro, and let it do the job for you. It can extract OST files of every source from anywhere in the computer. You won’t need to worry about anything related to OST recovery or extraction with OST Extractor Pro.

Additional benefits

OST Extractor Pro is a comprehensive tool which caters to all kids of OST needs. Two primary needs of any customer who use OST are: – OST Extraction and its conversion to other formats. As you know now, you can extract or recover OST files successfully with OST Extractor Pro. But when the need arises to convert your OST database to any other format, the tool will not disappoint you. For Outlook’s PST format to format of every other email client, it covers all. It can convert your OST database successfully, comprehensively and smoothly. It has such a high rate of conversion that even it can convert the largest size of OST database in less than 10 minutes.

recover ost files

Try it to Extract OST files

I hope this much information was more than sufficient for you to download the free trial version of OST Extractor Pro, and explore the tool for yourself.  Your OST files new location is OST Extractor Pro.

Get it right now and recover your ost files.