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Convert OLM to MBOX Online Professionally? This Converter Will Help You Do That!

Posted by Judith Wagner on 31 10 2017. 0 Comments

convert olm to mbox online

Convert OLM to MBOX Online Like Pro

OLM to MBOX conversion can get tricky. Sure, there are free and paid third-party tools to make it easy for you, but they seldom work as you’d expect them to. This is because the developers put much thought on the algorithms that have to extract and process the complex data inside the files.

Most importantly, if you are trying to convert OLM to MBOX online, it’s a good idea to stop right there. Online tools, based on web-browser API, are not enough to convert these complex files. You need a desktop application in Mac.

But if you are here trying to look for a tool that works perfectly, we have a good news for you.

Best app for converting OLM to MBOX

OLM Extractor Pro” is an excellent software Mac utility that lets you convert OLM to MBOX easily. It works without an internet connection, without any add-ons, or anything like that. The tool has powerful logic that gets through to every item on your files and extract the data cleanly.

convert olm to mbox online

Let’s take a look at its biggest feature that is essential for any email migration tool:

Data Accuracy While Converting OLM to MBOX Online

The worst thing about online OLM to MBOX converter is that they make a mess of your data integrity. By that, I meant they do not convert everything cleanly. They will leave out certain details, items, metadata, etc from the output files. This is called data integrity error and is the biggest concern while converting OLM to MBOX online.

That’s why “OLM Extractor Pro” really shines. Since it is an offline tool and has dedicated logic to process information, you will get zero data integrity errors.

convert olm to mbox

Here’s a list of some of the items that “OLM Extractor Pro” can convert accurately, which are otherwise very hard:

  • Folder hierarchy: everyone these days arrange emails in folders. It’s quite painful to lose folder hierarchy during OLM to MBOX conversion, but “OLM Extractor Pro” doesn’t.
  • Headers: header info includes To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, etc. All of them are converted safely with “OLM Extractor Pro.”
  • Non-English characters: Worried about emails from your international clients? Don’t be. “OLM Extractor Pro” has dedicated algorithms for all sorts of encoding standards like Unicode, ASCII, UTF-8, DBCS, etc. It will convert the entire languages correctly.
  • Attachments: Emails are no more restricted to just text. You can attach files and share them with others. These are called attachments and the tool converts them cleanly.
  • Images: All emails contain some form of graphical embedded data objects, like photos, charts, graphs, logos, icons, etc. It can be tough to convert these items but with ‘OLM Extractor Pro,’ you will never have to worry about them.

Easy to Use Interface

The second most useful feature of “OLM Extractor Pro” is its user-friendly interface.

No software application can be useful with all the advanced features unless a user can intuitively apply them at correct time with least efforts. Thankfully, that’s the case with ‘OLM Extractor Pro.” If you have no skills or knowledge about email migration, you can still use it without a second thought. You don’t even need to go through any tutorial or anything, thanks to the intuitive design of its UI.

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Download to Convert OLM to MBOX Online

There are plenty of other features that make “OLM Extractor Pro” the best OLM to MBOX converter. To find out more, you can get the trial setup.

Read More and download at http://www.olmextractorpro.com/.

olm to mbox converter

Download it here and convert olm to mbox online without any hassle.

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