EMLX to PST Converter

What is EMLX to PST Conversion? Let us find out and get it done

Many of us have come across this question that what is an EMLX to PST converter? Before I answer this question you first need to understand, what is an EMLX file format? And what is a PST file format?

EMLX file format

EMLX file format is an extension for Apple email text. All the text files that are available on Apple Mac operating systems are with this extension. Because Apple operating system is a UNIX based system it only runs with apple system.s

PST file format

When you are dealing with Microsoft Outlook emails the files that you obtain are with the PST file extension. The PST file format extension is only supported by Microsoft Outlook.

Why You Need EMLX to PST Converter?

When a person needs to export the files from Apple email to Microsoft Outlook he needs a file to do so. The Apple emails give out the files in the EMLX format. This format is not supported by Microsoft Outlook. As said earlier Microsoft Outlook supports PST file format. Hence it is required that the EMLX file formats are first converted into PST file format so that the transfer of data can take place.

How to Convert EMLX to PST Format Safely?

There is no way of manually converting the EMLX file format into PST file format. You need a tool which can convert these files from one format to another. Not all tools available in the market are pro in converting Mac Mail into PST format.

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When you are looking for an EMLX to PST converter you must look for certain features in particular tool. Following are the features that you must keep your eyes on before you take up a tool to convert your important data.

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See if the tool can do the work automatically. This means that the tool must ask for least human interference while making the conversion of the files.

Look for a tool that is bug-free. Most of the time when you are trying to convert your files from EMLX format to PST format the tool crashes. This causes the data to damage or corrupt itself. If you are dealing with important files over the email you might lose out on some important information.

If you are a person who has your emails in languages like Chinese, Japanese, or Korean then you must look for the software that offers you double byte conversion. All such languages use double-byte for storing the data. Hence it is important that the software can also convert your double-byte information.

If your emails have a large number of presentation, timestamps, Excel sheets, etc then you need the software that can convert your meta-data into meaningful PST file.

If you have not come across any such tool to offer you all these features then one such tool available in the market is the Mail Extractor Pro. The Mail Extractor Pro is developed by USL software. It has all the features embedded into the system.


Mail Extractor Pro can convert Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox Data, EMLX, MBOX and Apple Mail to Outlook Mac and Windows.

EMLX to PST Conversion

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