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Export from Mac Mail to Outlook – Leave Behind the Primitive Ways!

Export from Mac Mail to Outlook with all the details and metadata preserved. It is always challenging to migrate email data without losing the details, but with this tool, it is possible and amazingly simple now.

Export from Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 (Mac & Win)

Have your ever moved between places? You would know the trouble of packing things into boxes, taking them to your new places, unpacking all those boxes, updating your addresses, and myriads of other things you need to take care of. Email migration is the same, except it is more complicated.

Let us take Mac Mail to Outlook migration into consideration. Both are email clients but when you switch from one to the other, the migration of data can be quite frightening.

And not just for home users, but also for experienced IT technicians.

Migration across any software or services is just like moving home; there are countless things to consider and the result is always you finding out there are things you left behind or completely lost in transition.

Another metaphor would be translations. When you convert a sentence in one language to another, you will lose its original meaning.

But we are not here to moan or put you off more from exporting Mailboxes from Mac Mail to Outlook than you already are. The solution recommended below is amazingly simple while also getting rid of the errors and challenges the task usually make you face.

In short, the answer lies with “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Export from Mac Mail to Outlook

So, what is it and how does it simplify the job?

It is a software application that can be installed on your Mac directly. The installation is simply: just launch the setup file and follow the instructions. Once done, you can click on ‘Autoload’ option that sets up the Mail data for conversion into PST files. It is because you cannot use Mac Mail files directly into Outlook, but you can convert them into PST, where PST is the native file used in Outlook.

How to export from Mac Mail to Outlook

However, the reason we picked “Mail Extractor Pro” over myriads of other tools available is because it does not require any manual effort and is much faster than other tools. There is no EMLX or MBOX file needed.

How to export from Mac Mail to Outlook

  1. Get it and install on Mac.
  2. Just open it and click on ‘Apple Mail: Load‘ button.
  3. It will show two option.
    • Auto Load – Get your Mail data automatically.
    • Open – if you have back copy of it.
  4. Check other optional settings.
  5. Then click on ‘Convert’.

Coming from USL Software, it brings all the benefits and services the company is known for. You get full tech support 24 x 7 and free lifetime updates. It has various licenses to help you choose the best fit for your needs, and even a trial version.

Mail Extractor Pro” turns an otherwise nefarious process into amazingly simple and quick one. You will never need to look for anything else. It works offline on your computer, scans all the contents from the database, and produces clean and accurate files.

If your objective is to move from Mac Mail to Outlook without wasting any minute longer than needed, you will be more than pleased with this tool. It is built for home and advanced users who hate wasting time and hate losing data even more.

Get it to export from Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 & other versions

The link for the downloadable setup is below. No sign-up required. You can begin using the free version within the next minute and watch the tool in action from up close.

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export from Mac Mail to Outlook 2019

To export from Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 for Windows or Mac Outlook 2019 / 2016/ 2011, get it today for no hassle email conversion.