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Export from Thunderbird to Outlook Steadily and Evenly!

Posted by acondon on 15 07 2017. 0 Comments

export from thunderbird to outlook

Export from Thunderbird to Outlook conveniently. And how does one do that? This post will let you know in details how to export data without any usual pitfalls.

Export from Thunderbird to Outlook

Want to export from Thunderbird to Outlook conveniently, without the usual pitfalls of email migration? This post will give you all the details you need to have to migrate data successfully. It mentions the solutions available to transfer emails across the clients and their drawbacks, and the one “final solution” that you need.

Background Information Before Exporting from Thunderbird to Outlook

Thunderbird and Outlook are two email clients with the biggest userbase in Mac and Windows respectively. (Thunderbird is also available for Windows, and Outlook for Mac is also a client for Mac users, but this post is only specifically about Thunderbird in Mac and Outlook in Windows).

Both of these clients have plenty of features that lets you do anything that you desire with the emails, contacts, and other items. They also have a great interface that lets users manage their emailing needs productively. Thunderbird even benefits from several third-party add-ons that can help you do certain things it isn’t equipped with through the official features.

However, there’s one thing that neither of these clients do well, or at all for that matter – importing/exporting data. Thunderbird has options to import/export data between different computers but within Thunderbird itself. If you are moving to a Windows PC and to Outlook, you are going to have a lot of trouble transferring all the data stored within Thunderbird. It’s nothing surprising, either. Companies usually don’t offer services to help you quit using their products.

Windows Outlook uses PST format to store, archive, and also to import and export data. It’s also within Outlook itself, though, PST format is also supported in Mac Outlook edition. But that makes the files from Thunderbird impossible to import to Windows Outlook. And to go around this problem, users have to look for solutions, which there are few.

How to Export from Thunderbird to Outlook – 3 Most Commonly Used Solutions!

The Three most commonly used solutions for exporting from Thunderbird to Outlook are:

  1. Using MBOX to PST converter
  2. Manual solution through IMAP
  3. Using other professional solutions.

The above two methods are usually employed by basic home users to move one or two folders from Thunderbird into Windows Outlook. Even then they don’t work as they would expect them to. A regular MBOX to PST converter or a manual approach takes a lot of time, regardless of how large the folders are. They also end up with damaging data, or the conversion is often fragmented.

Obviously, if you need to convert data accurately and cannot let the job consume half of your day, you should avoid the ordinary MBOX converters and definitely keep away from any manual methods recommended on internet.

The best option is to go for a fully professional and commercial email migration utility with the complete set of features necessary to make this doable.

This is where ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ comes in. It’s a Mac email migration application from USL Software that lets you export from Thunderbird to Outlook with incredibly ease, accurate, and professionalism.

export from thunderbird to outlook

There is nothing that has been ignore or not developed properly. Every feature, every component, every step of the way is for anyone to export Thunderbird to Outlook without worrying about the usual pitfalls seen usually with such tasks.

Download to Export from Thunderbird to Outlook

If you want to know how it works, get to the official download page (link given below). Run the tool in the free trial mode and see how it works. You can activate it for the full version anytime later.

Download Now at http://www.mailextractorpro.com/.


export thunderbird to outlook

To export from Thunderbird to Outlook, try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.

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