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Free MBOX to PST Tool for Accurate Conversion – Try it and See for Yourself!

Download Free MBOX to PST Tool for Safe & Secure Conversion

Free MBOX to PST tool can be found online, but do they ever work?

Sadly, most of them have terrible interfaces and no support. So even if they work internally, it can be incredibly hard to use them for both beginners and experts. But in majority of cases, they have poorly developed algorithms as well, which creates data fragmentation in output files. This simply means that they fail to get your data safely from MBOX files to PST.

If you came here looking for a perfect and free MBOX to PST tool, you will not be disappointed. It’s unfortunate that most of the solutions available have one or more drawbacks that can make them entirely useless in this domain of email migration. That’s because it’s a complex and exhaustive process that requires every element to be perfect or near perfect.

Best App to Convert MBOX to PST

Say hello to “Mail Extractor Pro.” It’s a unique utility for Mac OS X developed by an equally professional company called USL Software. USL Software has established itself as one of the leading source for email migration solutions and with “Mail Extractor Pro,” they are back with the same level of expertise in the field.

Free MBOX to PST Tool

With ‘Mail Extractor Pro,’ you will not get a single form of limitation that all other typical MBOX to PST tool have to offer. It has a simple interface, plenty of options, and a 24×7 customer support for all the technical related problems and queries.

However, the reason it has quickly went on to become a cherished software utility for many around the world when it comes to convert MBOX to PST is mostly because of its most priceless trait – the ability to extract your contents from MBOX to PST without loss or unwanted modification of information.

Perfect MBOX to PST tool

There are plenty of complex components inside files like MBOX that can be hard to extract. Imagine all the photos, attachments, metadata, headers, embedded excel sheets, and more. With a typical and free MBOX to PST tool, you will often find all these components missing from the converted PST files. This is often called the loss of data fidelity and for some it can be annoying, while for others, it’s painful.

MBOX to PST Tool

That entire problem is solved by “Mail Extractor Pro” with its amazing and dedicated algorithms that form its major converting engine. At its core resides the sophisticated programming that deals with the complete database within the files leading to clean and accurate extraction of data.

Other than that, it also features:

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  • Batch conversion of multiple files in one go

  • Full support for non-English languages

  • Automatic conversion of Apple Mail, Thunderbird & Postbox Mail database

  • Intuitive Interface

  • Manual folder selection before conversion

  • Incredibly fast rate of data conversion

  • And more


Download free MBOX to PST tool

If you want to give it a go, get the trial version first. If you are satisfied, you can always activate the paid version at your own time.

Get your copy here:

mbox to pst

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