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Clear-Cut Steps on How to Import Mac Mail into Outlook!

How to import Mac Mail into Outlook? Most will answer EMLX or MBOX to PST conversion. But we will not. Though, it works in a way, it is not the most effective approach there is.

The step-by-step guide below is unconventional but leads to a crisp and quick conversion process that tops all other methods. It is recommended not just for the simplicity but also for the precision of converted files. Email migration has a tarnished reputation for messing up details and fidelity of files, and only this conversion utility works with 100% accuracy and safety.

How to import Mac Mail into Outlook

Time needed: 12 minutes.

Follow the steps to import Mac Mail into Outlook:

  1. Download the free Mail Extractor Pro trial setup file (less than 25mb)

  2. Double-click the setup file and follow the installation instructions.

  3. Launch “Mail Extractor Pro”.

  4. Next to ‘Apple Mail,’ click ‘Load’ – > ‘Autoload’ to load the primary ‘Mail’ database. Or, select ‘Open’ to load any backup database.

  5. Check/uncheck folders you want/do not want to convert. Use “Ignore empty folders” option above to exclude all empty folders at once.

  6. Limit the size for output PST file to split them into smaller files. Setting it to ‘zero’ will create one PST file approximately equal to the size of ‘Mail’ database, which his not recommended.

  7. Click ‘Convert,’ choose location to save PST files, and click ‘Save.’ The process will begin instantly.

  8. Wait till it is over. At the confirmation window, click the “Locate Converted PST”. Move the files to your Windows PC.

  9. Here, you can also see the detailed conversion log with all the information regarding the entire process.

  10. Launch Outlook and go to: Open & Export – > Import/Export

  11. Select ‘Import from another program or file’ -> ‘Next’

  12. Browse to the PST files from step 8 and click ‘Open.’ (NOTE: repeat the steps if you have more than one PST file)

  13. Choose the desired outcome for duplicate items.

  14. Choose your mailbox or the folder to import contents from the PST files.

  15. Click ‘Finish.’ You can find all the contents from PST file into your Outlook.

  16. Repeat step 11 to 14 for each additional PST file.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported Mac Mail into Outlook in 16 simple steps.

how to import mac mail into outlook

Get it to import Mac Mail into Outlook

“Mail Extractor Pro” ensures that all contents from ‘Mail’ folder are processed into Outlook PST files. Including Unicode text, MIME headers, graphics, email addresses, links, attachments, nested emails, etc. The adaptive algorithms running at its core delivers speed much quicker than any other tool or method.

There is an instant download link below for the setup file. No sign-up necessary.From home users to IT technicians in a business environment, everyone can use “Mail Extractor Pro.” It works perfectly in every context, offering quick and accurate data conversion results.

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import mac mail into outlook

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