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How to Import OST file in Outlook 2016 – Here’s the Best Way to Do it!

Posted by acondon on 02 01 2018. 0 Comments

Import OST file in Outlook 2016

How to Import OST file in Outlook 2016

OST file is short for “Offline Storage Table,” as opposed to PST which means “Personal Storage Table.” But the difference between these files that matter is that OST isn’t importable like PST. You cannot get your data restored using OST because it’s an internal functional file for Outlook.

So, the actual answer to how to import OST file in Outlook 2016 is that you can not do it.

But if that’s the end of the story, this article would have no any reason to exist. In the passages below, you will find a workaround the fact that OST cannot be imported to Outlook.

You can only convert OST to PST. And PST is simple to import to Outlook. It’s a personal file that you can use for all other purposes, including backup, migrate, etc. PST is even used to import data in Mac Outlook versions.

However, the process of OST to PST conversion can in itself be problematic. First of all, there is no manual method to convert the files. Some users come under the wrong impression that changing the names of the files at the end (also called file extension) from .ost to .pst would work.

It does not.

Neither does any other manual solution.

Therefore, in the end, you have to rely upon third party file converters if you want to import OST to Outlook 2016. Or, the more precise way of putting the task – to import data in OST to Outlook 2016 using PST files. Much of the state that you wend up with regarding the originality of your output files, the amount of efforts you put into the job, and other aspects will depend on the converter of your choice.

But do not worry about finding that professional OST to PST that will let you import data in OST file in Outlook 2016. That would be another mammoth job for you to do in this huge ocean of Internet. There are just plenty of tools and programs that claim to convert these files but every one of them has dozens of limitations and compromises.

Instead, that part of the process has been done by us for you.

If you are wondering how to proceed from here, here’s an easy approach: download “OST Extractor Pro” using the link below. It’s a professional OST to PST converter developed by USL Software that meets the full criteria of a software solution required for this task. Through advanced programming logic dedicated to convert every single component from your files, “OST Extractor Pro” will leave nothing to be desired.

Import OST file in Outlook 2016

It also a very simple UI that you can interact with intuitively without having to go through complex email migration terminology. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine.

Another benefit is that it is supported by the tech support team of USL Software 24×7. Not that you will likely need any help thanks to its simplified interface, but still in case you find yourself looking for some answers, have queries, or just stuck in some phase during conversion, you can always rely upon them.

“OST Extractor Pro” is special because of all the things said above, but also because it has certain unique features that other OST to PST converters struggle with.

  • Supporting non-English text conversion fully
  • Splits large PST files automatically
  • Allow filtering and selection of folders for conversion
  • Batch file conversion supported
  • Converts massive OST files easily
  • Converts OST files from all sources possible (Office 365, all Outlook versions, Exchange, etc.)

Get the installer file now and begin.

Importing OST file to Outlook 2016 may not be possible directly but by converting OST to PST using ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ you will find it to be much simpler and effective way to get your data restored in Outlook.

Read more and download at https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

Get it today to import OST file in Outlook 2016.

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