ost file in outlook

How to open ost file in Outlook

To know – how to open ost file in Outlook, read the article.

Opening OST files in Outlook is a tedious, and time consuming task. It has been easy with exchange server doing all the work but when this middle man is removed, it becomes almost impossible to carry out. What you need to understand is that OST files save all our mail items offline, be it mail, calendar, cache etc. We have nothing to worry about at times of loss of internet. Our entire database is at hand.  But when we have to sync this with our Outlook email client online, Exchange server comes in and does that.

How to open ost file in Outlook

So when exchange server is unavailable, we do not have any easy way to get to Outlook. For that we will have to convert OST files to PST format which works in Outlook. This is almost impossible manually.  But there is one easy way – Software.

Due to rise in OST to PST conversion, we have seen some amazing technologies coming up in the form of software to help us out with OST to PST Conversion. But I would recommend only one of them – OST Extractor Pro.


OST Extractor Pro has been chosen due to its reliable parent company USL software, abundance of positive reviews and loads of features. It is the tool you definitely need not just for its quality OST to PST service but also for anything you have to do with OST file, be it recovery, conversion to any valid email client format or extraction. OST Extractor Pro fulfills all your OST needs.

How to open ost file in Outlook

It will help you in converting t your OST files to PST format, and in no time at all you will have your converted OST files in Outlook. The cherry on the top is that with the help of its highly interactive Graphical user interface, advance technology and unique algorithms, you will have extracted and converted your entire OST database in no time at all.

open ost file in outlook

Let’s look more closely into its functioning:-

  • Easy Graphical user interface – USL software has put great effort in OST Extractor Pro’s graphical user interface. This interface is nothing but a highly graphic step-by-step guide to converting OST files to PST with nothing but some clicks. Breeze through OST to PST Conversion.
  • Converts bulk files in batches – Bulk files are converted by OST Extractor Pro in no time at all. How? Well, it utilizes Batch strategy. Through this method, it converts even bulky OST database in just a few minutes without losing either speed or data.
  • Convert large files – OST Extractor Pro converts large mail files pretty easily. No matter what your files are loaded with, OST Extractor Pro does not have any problem in converting it to PST format.
  • Allows size allocation – OST Extractor Pro has this rare feature of size allocation. PST files are naturally much larger than OST files. So when the conversion of OST to PST takes place, it runs the risk of conversion to very large sizes. OST Extractor Pro eliminates that risk by allowing user to allocate the size of about-to-be- converted OST files beforehand.

Opening OST files in Outlook

This is how to open OST file in Outlook. Try the free trial version of OST Extractor Pro! You will not be disappointed.