MBOX to Outlook PST

Import MBOX to Outlook PST (Experts’ First Choice to Accomplish)

Import MBOX to Outlook PST – It can prove to be a bit of a pickle. Not many converters exist that can deal with this easily, and both Apple and Microsoft have no official solutions you can rely upon.

Fear not! Not that often, there comes a tool from third-parties that can trump even the official solutions too. And you are going to get one of such solutions below.

Tool to Import MBOX to Outlook PST

The name of the tool that will help you to import MBOX to Outlook PST is ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘. And the best news: you can even try it out for free right now.

Click the download link below and get a trial setup. It works for ten items per folder within the MBOX file that you want to convert. This gives you a chance to see the tool in action with your own files.

Import MBOX to Outlook PST

What Makes ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ the best Available tool?

We will be the first to say that there are other tools available that do the same job: convert MBOX to Outlook PST. But after a couple of minutes, a smart user can pick up their flaws very easily. Even if you are not an expert, you will realize most converters lack the proper system and algorithms to handle the information.

No Data Loss With 100% Accurate Conversion

Modern day files like MBOX contain a lot of content. And much of that content is organized in a certain way, unique to the individual. There is a lot of metadata, graphics, attachments, and more associated with each item. It is not easy for a subpar tool to extract and process all of it without losing the crucial details in them, and at times, even the entire files.

This is what ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ effectively ends forever.

Built with sophisticated data-processing logic, it can pick up even the tiniest part of your database and carefully converts it for PST files. There is never any loss or damage to the structure.

Import MBOX to Outlook

Special Care for Your Email Contents

Some of the most important aspects of your database includes: attachments, images and other graphics, email addresses in Unicode languages, nested emails, and headers (To, From, CC, Bcc, subject). Such components have always been at risk during the import MBOX to Outlook PST.

The primary reason behind the concern of data loss is the huge difference in the way MBOX and PST format is built upon. There is no similarity in the internal architecture of these data files, except the fact that they store content like emails, contacts, and calendar. A tool developed by amateurs cannot hold the integrity strongly as a smart user would like to.

Mail Extractor Pro‘ works differently.

And the result is astonishingly accurate PST files containing everything the original MBOX files did.

Advance Options & Features

More than that, ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ can convert other formats to PST as well: such as Thunderbird, Postbox and convert Apple Mail to PST. It also features a convenient option for users to avoid forming massive PST files by splitting them after a certain size-limit.

There are dozens of other such features that make the job quicker and a lot more professional than ever possible.

MBOX to Outlook

Do not hesitate for another minute. Click the link below, download the setup file, install it, and get started.

You can activate it to full version at your own leisure time, after seeing how it functions, and simple the UI is, and how it fulfills your needs completely.