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Importing OST to PST with OST Extractor Pro is all you need to see today!

Since the invention of the first email converter tool, there has been a paradigm shift in the kind of technology that is used to build such tools. This is especially true for one tool that designed for supporting the job of importing OST to PST. It is none other than OST Extractor Pro.

Tool for Importing OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro is an ideal representation of an efficient OST to PST file converter tool. The team of USL Software has taken its time to build this tool with specifications which enable it to handle each and every aspect of the job with utmost perfection. This virus-free tool is also known to be the most user-friendly tool. As such, it is all the more attractive to the users who are looking forward to importing OST to PST.

importing ost to pst

If we look into the output of this tool, there is absolutely no flaw that can be found in the final files. The OST files are carefully rebuilt in the PST format while ensuring that the basic properties of the email files are restored. It will refine the results that the final files are visibly the carbon copies of the original files. This tool hence is the best suited tool for importing OST to PST.

A tutorial on how to use OST Extractor Pro for importing OST to PST!

Right from the beginning, OST Extractor Pro has appeased its users through its simple and straightforward process for importing OST to PST. Although it requires no details yet a quick tutorial would not harm anyone’s interest. Here is a step-by-step guide on importing OST to PST effectively using OST Extractor Pro.

How It Works?

  1. The first step is certainly to download and launch the tool on the system. Once this is done, a user-friendly graphical interface appears on the screen of the user.
  2. For importing OST to PST it is imperative that the user upload the files from the location where the archives have been saved in advance. The ost to pst converter tool makes it easy to locate the files from within the interface.
  3. Once you upload the files onto the tool, the users must verify all the files. If there are any unwanted folders, they can be removed by un-ticking the boxes against their names.
  4. The next step is to select the appropriate output. OST Extractor Pro provides for more than just OST to PST conversions such as OST to Apple mail, MBOX, Thunderbird, etc. The users must carefully choose .pst as their desired output.
  5. Click on export and choose the location to save the PST files.
  6. The tool will start converting OST to PST and will quickly display the results in a few minutes time. During this period the progress can be mapped via the log report.

Get it today!

import ost to pst

This is the simplest and the best way of importing OST to PST. Sign up for the tool today itself and enjoy hassle-free conversions with OST Extractor Pro.