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MBOX to Outlook Converter – the Modern Email Conversion Tool!

Posted by acondon on 07 04 2018. 1 Comment on MBOX to Outlook Converter – the Modern Email Conversion Tool!

mbox to outlook

MBOX to Outlook Converter

As far as we have come in terms of emailing and software technology, the migration of data across email clients remain a rather lesser explored domain of email related tasks. And this is not so surprising in itself. Changing your services often brings itself a lot of challenges, particularly because of the migration of data and contents. Email clients or email files are more susceptible to such clash of two opposite and incompatibility formats.

This post is going to talk about one of those email conversion tasks that often gives a lot of trouble to both advanced users and beginners. It’s about MBOX to PST migration or about the tools, MBOX to Outlook converter.

Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to upload or import MBOX files into Outlook client, neither in Windows nor in Mac version. The only way around is to convert the files into a format that Outlook can understand and open. And PST is the common file format for both Windows and Mac Outlook. It’s natively associated with Windows version but can also be imported into Mac Outlook.

The majority of third party MBOX to Outlook converter doesn’t function the way you would want them to. They have poor interfaces that are built without any consideration to the users with no experience of email migration. They can even be proven ineffective when more advanced and professionals try to convert MBOX to PST Microsoft Outlook.

But there’s one tool in all this chaos that has changed the paradigm.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro” by USL Software and will work the way you wish every tool you have tried did.

Mail Extractor Pro

“Mail Extractor Pro” works upon the foundation of dedicated logic for each complex hierarchy of data items and other information tidbits that make the conversion more precise and quick. But at the top of it, the tool’s very basic and intuitive interface allows even total beginners to work their way through data conversion without ever having to consult anyone or even look at tutorials. From the very first screen or wizard, you will know what to do and how to start converting your data.

mbox to outlook converter

This operating link between sophisticated programming and simple interface makes “Mail Extractor Pro” the best in its category.

Through this link, the developers of USL Software have solved potentially dozens of problems that other ordinary MBOX to Outlook converter fail to:

  • It allows converting multiple MBOX files to Outlook PST in one attempt
  • It keeps the structure of your folders same after the conversion as they were structured originally in MBOX files.
  • The tool cleanly picks up every small but important data items like metadata, headers, and other information that would otherwise won’t be converted
  • “Mail Extractor Pro” supports conversion of non-English text and MIME defined content too. This includes languages like Chinese and Japanese.

Get this MBOX to Outlook Converter

Download Now at https://www.mailextractorpro.com/

The free trial mode works for ten items per folder. Get the trial setup today and install it to see how the tool functions and how it works differently than other generic MBOX to Outlook Converter.

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  1. Thank you so much. Perfect tool for email conversion.