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Microsoft OST to PST Converter Tool

Posted by acondon on 19 08 2017. 0 Comments

microsoft ost to pst converter

There’s scanOST.exe from Microsoft, but Microsoft OST to PST converter tool for converting the files accurately doesn’t exist. Thankfully, there is one from a professional company that you can use.

Microsoft OST to PST Converter Tool Doesn’t Exist – So, How Can You Convert the Files Accurately?

OST and PST are two data files used natively by Windows Outlook. OST stands for Offline Storage Table and PST stands for Personal Storage Table. Both files store data, but they have different purposes. OST is mostly associated with Exchange servers and IMAP accounts allowing users to access and change data even offline, while PST is for POP3 accounts, but its main function is to let you archive, import, export, and migrate data.

PST can store large amount of data, which makes it very useful for backup and archiving. However, too large files can cause instability and your Outlook to function badly. OST, on the other hand, is basically cached offline files that keeps the copy of your Mailbox folders on your computer locally.

Due to the ability of importing data easily using PST, users need to convert OST to PST and they start looking for a Microsoft OST to PST converter tool. However, there are no such tools officially available from Microsoft. Users often think of ScanOST.exe tool as the tool for converting damaged OST files to PST. However, it’s just a tool that can recover data from corruption but doesn’t convert the output into PST.

That brings them to third-party file converters. And the situation with them is quite unpleasant and disappointing since majority of those converters have inadequate features to process the data between these two complex data files. They also have non-friendly user interfaces making it too hard for both beginners and experienced users to convert files efficiently.

So, neither does a Microsoft OST to PST converter exist, nor third-parties’ applications work correctly. In such a case, what can you?

Fortunately, there now exists a complete software utility compatible with both Mac and Windows OS, that you can use right now and accurately convert OST to PST without a single issue. It is developed by USL Software (quite a popular name in email migration software solutions) and features advanced algorithms, intuitive GUI, and a 24×7 tech support to take you through an otherwise challenging process quite conveniently and smoothly.

Best Alternative to Microsoft OST to PST Converter

The tool is titled “OST Extractor Pro”. And as the title suggests, it extracts data from OST files and convert it into PST format. The tool’s specialty and how it separates itself from the rest is in its accuracy. Through advanced and precise algorithms, it is able to convert all the information from the files without making errors. It doesn’t leave anything unconverted or partially converted, which in technical terms means that it preserves data integrity to the fullest.

microsoft ost to pst converter


Along with its accuracy, “OST Extractor Pro” also features a surprisingly intuitive interface. Otherwise this could be tricky job of OST to PST conversion. Through creative designing and minimizing the manual inputs, the developers have managed to simplify the interface considerably without taking away any option for more advanced users.

It is also backed up by around the clock tech support for any help you might need/want.

microsoft ost to pst converter tool

Download OST to PST Converter Online

You can download the setup by clicking the link below. And just try it out in the free trial mode. Activate it anytime at your own leisure, after seeing all it features and how it works.

Download Now At http://www.ostextractorpro.com/.

microosft ost to pst


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OST Extractor Pro is the best alternative to Microsoft OST to PST Converter Tool.

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