OST recovery

Enterprises level OST Recovery solution at the best price

Today’s enterprises have to deal with bulk of data every day. Database is the most important asset of any company. Without it companies can fall instantly. So, it has become imperative to keep virus and malware at bay, and keep your data safe at all cost.

Since, most companies use OST format for its well-known benefits, we can specifically say that enterprises should secure their OST database. But what if your OST database gets lost or corrupt anyway? What to do then? Just imagine all the mail content, schedules, contacts and drafts erased due to one mistake. What should be done then?

The secret to OST recovery

The easiest way to make up for this tragedy is OST recovery. The best way to do it is through a tool. A professional tool with amazing features can help your enterprise regain that lost OST database in no time at all. Because Enterprise is a big organization, loss of data affects the workflow of thousands of connected computers. You need an effective and high speed solution. Only a well-designed tool can do that. One tool that outshines all other is OST Extractor Pro.


OST Extractor Pro is a premium product by USL software. The company is known for its amazing email conversion tools. OST Extractor Pro is product for the infamous OST format. This tool has been meticulously designed to be ready for any type of OST problem.

OST recovery

The features which make this tool stand out are as follows:-

Amazing interface

OST Extractor Pro’s graphical user interface makes the task of OST recovery cherishable. Customers breeze through the process in no time at all. The interface is self-explanatory and makes OST recovery accessible to all.

Extracts OST files from all sources

OST Extractor Pro can extract OST files from all sources. It does not differentiate among OST files of different sources. Every kind of OST file will be recovered with OST Extractor Pro.

BONUS POINTS – Every tool’s value for money is assessed by the variety of jobs it can get done. OST Extractor Pro is a great value for money.

Following are the jobs it can get done:-

It can convert files of all types – No matter what the size or type of mail OST Extractor Pro gets, it converts it to customer’s desired format. OST Extractor Pro has the ability to convert bulk files through batch strategy. This strategy not only allows for safe bulk conversions but also high speed. It can also convert mails of all languages. Your enterprises’ multi-national communication will not be hindered in any way.

Get the OST Recovery Tool

OST Extractor Pro is one of the rare tools that come with a free trial version. This tool can be fully explored to any extent one likes before making the final choice of buying the tool.

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

Why this offer? This is because USL software understands the need of owners to be completely sure before making a big investment.

And when you have gained complete faith in the tool, the price of the Enterprise license will only enhance that faith. OST Extractor Pro enterprise license is priced at $599 only and Single User at $49.

For all that this tool offers, the price is way too low. Grab the offer right now. Recover your Enterprises’ OST files easily with OST Extractor Pro.