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OST to Apple Mail Conversion in Just 4 Steps (Mac / Windows)

OST Extractor Pro lays down 4 insanely simple steps that can help you convert OST to Apple mail.

OST to Apple Mail Conversion Simplified

If you don’t wish to turn your OST to Apple mail conversion experience into a nightmare then it is imperative that you make a prudent choice in the very beginning. Nasty experiences with such conversions are pretty common to be heard of. Written accounts of such miserable fails can be seen in abundance on the internet too. However, what internet falls short of is direction to a genuine way to sidestep such sad possibilities.

The sole purpose of penning down this article is to make sure that the users become aware of the best solution that one needs to convert OST to Apple mail. This article will also give a simple break down of the steps to achieve it. Here is what you need to do:

ost to apple mail

OST to Apple Mail Converter for Mac/Win

In order to convert files from OST to Apple mail, one must get their copy of OST Extractor Pro as the first productive step in this regard. OST Extractor Pro is an amazing tool that has a brilliant technology that lets its users to convert files from OST to Apple mail like a pro. The tool is one of a kind and is perfectly safe for use. Furthermore, the quality of the output is unique and the best in every possible aspect. In short, the OST to Mac mail conversions with this tool are slick and shiny, just as any user would desire!

It works on both Windows & Mac and can convert OST to PST, MBOX, EML, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, ICS & VCF file formats.

convert ost to apple mail

Learn with this tutorial the steps that you need to follow to convert OST to Apple mail using OST Extractor Pro

OST Extractor Pro has an extremely simplified process that is intelligible for the majority of the users. However, for those who might be looking for a little guidance, the following tutorial would cover all the gaps there can be:

Follow the steps below

STEP 1: Email conversions mean shifting of the data from one email client to the other. This calls for first basic step of extracting the data from the origin email client which in this case is Outlook. This OST to Mac mail conversion tool offers both manual and auto modes to complete this step. However, auto-upload is the recommended way so as to expedite the file extraction and upload process.

STEP 2: Once the files have been uploaded, the user proceeds to the verification of the data. If there are any unwanted folders then they can be removed at this point. The user proceeds to the next step after being content with the list of files and folders uploaded for conversion from OST to Mac mail.

STEP 3: The third step is to choose the output. The users might not be aware but this tool is capable of converting OST to multiple outputs such as Postbox, EML, Thunderbird, etc. Thereby, the users must carefully opt for ‘Apple mail’ as their output at this stage.

STEP 4: The final step is to choose the location for saving the OST files to Mac mail converted files. Once that is done, start the conversion process and enjoy the super-fast conversions.

This is the simplest as well as the fastest way to convert OST to Apple mail. Period!