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OST to PST Conversion for Enterprises

Enterprises have a lot of problems to deal with OST to PST conversion. Therefore, it always helps to be proactive and devise solution for any problem beforehand.

This article will tell you about the problems associated with the email client most Enterprises use- MS Outlook. Also, this article will inform you how OST to PST Conversion is the only solution for all those problems, and how to execute this task easily.

OST to PST Conversion– the only salvation

MS Outlook comes with great benefits for Enterprises. It allows for greater flexibility in the mailing system, more coverage both internally and outside, and for a richer conversion experience. Its OST file stores mail content offline, and PST works with Outlook online, thus covering both offline and online environments.

However, it is through MS Exchange server that OST files are synced with PST and imported in Outlook. We have no other credible way to import OST to Outlook. Thus, when there is no exchange server with which to sync OST to PST, we have to convert it ourselves.

An Enterprise’s main two priorities are – Safety of database and speedy workflow. Both are at danger when Exchange server is unavailable. Thus, it is always safe to get a tool for your Enterprise beforehand to deal with this process. The only solution for anyone at this point is to convert OST to PST. Even if there is any other problem, and you are unable to import your OST in Outlook, you need to just convert your OST files to PST format.

This can be done through many ways, but the most credible and safe way is to convert OST files through a reliable tool. A reliable tool which can not only convert your OST files to PST with ease and speed but also guarantees the safety of your database. Tools which can recover OST files lost before, and extract OST files from all sources. A tool which achieves all this and much more is OST Extractor Pro by USL software.

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OST Extractor Pro is a premium tool which can extract your OST files with utter ease. It can extract OST file from all sources and convert them to PST format, or any other format customers desire. The tool has a simple easy to use graphical user interface which allows it not to burden the user with anything at all. For Enterprises, this is a huge benefit as it will not have to train its employees in using the tool. No time will be wasted in that.

ost to pst conversion tool

The tool is suitable for converting huge database like that of big enterprises in no time at all. OST Extractor Pro employs batch strategy for that purpose. It can convert up to 10 GB of data in less than 10 minutes without posing any threat to the quality of the execution. The tool allows for selective conversions too.

OST Extractor Pro is truly a professional tool as it can convert any type of content be it Meta data content like ASCII code or big mails with heavy attachment. It also preserves folder hierarchy.

OST Extractor Pro Enterprises license costs only $599. With such reliability, speed and efficiency, this tool will be a great addition to your Enterprise. OST to PST Conversion will never be a problem for your Enterprise again. Get OST Extractor Pro right now!