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Protected and reliable way to recover your files from OST files

Posted by Judith Wagner on 10 05 2018. Comments Off on Protected and reliable way to recover your files from OST files

ost file

1. Are you battling a problem with OST files?

2.Are you struggling in converting the OST files?

3.Are you struggling in recovering the files?

4.Are you scared to losing your important data?

Recover OST files

OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is a unique tool that provides recovery of all the data from the OST files. People face lot of problems while handling the OST files. OST file comes with lot of constraints. One cannot import the OST file to the outlook directly. It need to be converted into the legit format to work with the further process like recovery of data and so on.

Congrats, you have landed at the right place.

The tool which we are we discussing here- “OST Extractor Pro” will solve all your problem and will satisfy your needs. This article will cover everything that will assure you that data in the OST files are recovered fully without any loss.

ost files

The easiest and the most appropriate way to handle the OST files is to convert them into the PST formats. It is the right way to recover the files and also the corrupted files. The data can be recovered and can be further used for the different purpose.

Data is important…

Everything revolves around data. The ultimate aim of every organization is to safeguard the data. So, people would do every possible way to protect their data. Mishandling the data can lead to severe loss. Why to take risk? “USL software” care about the data and have done every possible thing to build their tools that satisfy the users and fulfil their needs.

USL Software presents the easy, protective tool for conversion of OST files into PST format- “OST Extractor Pro”.

recover ost files

Why you should go for the tool? why is it recommended by the experts?

Well, here are some reasons that will make you understand why. This article mainly focuses on the safe and secure recovery of the data. Its security, integrity, migration and other important aspects. OST Extractor Pro provides all the above mentioned functionality.

ost files recover

How this tool guarantees safe, secure, hassle free recovery of the data? What makes it so unique and a unique solution? Here are few reasons:

  1. “OST Extractor Pro” is built to recover the files extensively. It leaves nothing behind no matter what kind of file it is.
  2. Algorithms are used to recover data. The results are error free and there is no loss of data such as prevents loss of images, attachments, metadata etc.
  3. Handles large files with ease using very simplified logics.
  4. Very deep precision,
  5. Helps in recovering damaged files containing images, attachments, metadata, Word documents, PDF, Excel Sheets etc.
  6. Accuracy in conversion of the data. You will get as a duplicate.


Safe and secure conversion: Guarantees no loss of data.

Exact conversion: Accurate conversion of the data. Gets same data as duplicate.

recover ost file

Grab the trail version right now:

Get the trail version and test it and satisfy you needs. It is easy process. You can get the trail version by clicking on the following link:


You can purchase the tool also according to your need. It is available for both mac and windows. Link is given below.



Thanks and write us for any query.

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