Simplifying Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird with “Mail Extractor Max”!

Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird using “Mail Extractor Max“, which is the only tool that works with all kinds of data with precision. The data migration including such emailing software like Mail and Thunderbird is seldom straightforward. Unless you have professional tools like “Mail Extractor Max“, it can be pretty complicated and frustrating process.

Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

So how exactly does “Mail Extractor Max” help?

It’s a software that processes data inside OS X Mail database directly or through files like MBOX. It’s recommended that you choose the direct database approach as it is simipler, quicker, and much more accurate. Then the tool implements all that data into the format of your choice, which is Thunderbird in this case.

Importing OS X Mail into Thunderbird

At this point, you might ask why do you need a third-party tool in the first place. If you have not tried importing data manually from OS X Mail to Thunderbird, that question is valid. But if you have, you would know that it could turn into a very nasty and troubling job. The data in email clients in modern day isn’t simple text files. They are often highly intricated and complex, containing a lot of information that can be difficult to process.

OS X Mail into Thunderbird


Best Way to Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max” gets rid of those complications and does the majority heavy processing automatically for you. It also offers features and options that would make the task more fluid and quick for individuals with varying needs.¬†Something that is not possible with generic methods.

import os x mail to thunderbird

For instance, it has filtering options to convert only those specific folders that you want and leave the rest. It also allows moving data from OS X Mail to other formats than Thunderbird. In case you are migrating from OS X Mail into clients like Postbox and Entourage.

importing os x mail to thunderbird

Another major attribute that often gets overlooked by third-party applications is the interface. But “Mail Extractor Max” doesn’t fall into the same trap. Not only is it an advanced and accurate data importing tool, it is also immensely easy and helpful for non-experienced users who don’t know much about the technical aspects of the process. You can pick it up right now and get started without a second though and still would know how to use it.

os x mail to thunderbird

From the get go, the application works seamlessly with every other forms of data inside OS X Mail and any beginner can intuitively understand what features to apply and when.

os x mail to thunderbird converter

Get it to Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

And lastly, the fact that it is built by USL Software adds a whole new dimension to “Mail Extractor Max“. Many tools are built by amateurs and thus often have many missing components that gets in the way of smooth and professional data recovery.

os x mail into thunderbird converter

USL Software ensures that everyone gets the job done as they want it to. To do that, USL Software offers 24 x 7 tech support, free lifetime updates, free trial version, and various affordable packages for different needs.

Considering all that, importing OS X Mail into Thunderbird can rather be a simple and doable task if you choose “Mail Extractor Max“. You don’t have to suffer through you email migration task like many usually do with generic or manual techniques.

os x mail to thunderbird conversion

Super Easy to Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

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Pick up your own trial copy of “Mail Extractor Max” below and use it to feel confident that it does what you expect it to do, before getting the full paid version.