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The Integrated Thunderbird to PST Converter for Trial With High-end Features!

“Mail Extractor Pro” is well known and celebrated for its exceptional features and the clean approach for processing information in your files. It is a Mac based tool and is able to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX files to Outlook native PST files.

Thunderbird to PST Converter

Here we are focusing on it as solely the Thunderbird to PST converter, but most of it can also be applied if you are converting Apple Mail to PST files.

Thunderbird to PST Converter

It has a free version that gives you access to all power and high-end functionality without limiting you. The only limitation is that the tool in a trial version can convert only ten items from all the folders present inside the Thunderbird. It should be give you enough of the view to help you make up your mind.

The seemingly “free” methods or tools you may have known or heard of can put your sensitive emails and other items at high risk for data loss and damage. These converters carry out the extraction process inadequately, resulting in fragmented database.

One of the most frustrating cases come from the situation where the database is huge and a user cannot check each item for defects. Suppose you migrated your database using a free Thunderbird to PST converter, but the tool failed in securing the images (like graphs or photos). Now, you cannot open every single email in PST files to look for these broken graphical data.

Many users have reported finding missing items too late in their Outlook PST files, by the time the original Thunderbird database was deleted or not anymore available to them (like in an Office workspace). Such losses can be devastating.

A single KB of file could potentially contain the bank account details of your clients. Or one single embedded-graphic inside the emails could be your personal photograph your friend sent when you were on a memorable trip.
Clearly, no one wants that, and yet the majority of software lack severely in efficient ways to mitigate these errors.

“Mail Extractor Pro” – The Only Thunderbird to PST Converter You Need!

It is advised to remain away from free or even unreliable paid tools that do not have proper way to convert and process your crucial emails safely. If you are worried about all the sensitive, personal, and important range of data in your files, this is exactly what will provide you the relief of knowing that everything will be migrated cleanly and with clarity.

“Mail Extractor Pro” is what you need. It comes from USL Software, which is the biggest and most trustworthy source of professional software for email migration. They have been around for many years now and are celebrated as the best software company in the domain of email conversion and migration projects. They cater to individuals and companies’ needs in the most clear and satisfactory manner.

“Mail Extractor Pro” contains all those elements that made USL Software a well-reputed name. It is the converter with high-end features, precise algorithms and logic, a simple interface, a 24 x 7 tech support, and much more that has forever changed the way you think about Thunderbird to Outlook PST migration.

Thunderbird to PST Converter Free Trial

Thunderbird to PST free Converter

And the free trial version provides a way to remove all your doubts and worries. You can grab the setup file copy below in no time and get close to the action. You will realize why most professionals and basic home users speak so highly of the app.

Get Mail Extractor Pro for your Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail MBOX to PST conversion on Mac.